Almost being hit by a truck while cycling inspired the idea for a new type of eyewear. A project that started as a way to achieve a rear view to prevent accidents resulted in the development of five utility patents. Our technology allows cameras, displays, LEDs, and sensors to dock with the temple arms of glasses. The designs appear to be conventional glasses until the docked components are pivoted into position.


Some of life's best moments happen when we least expected it. Have you ever wished for easier access to a camera while biking, fishing, golfing, playing with the kids, or doing something else fun that requires both hands? Integrating a tiny 1080p camera into a small pivoting pod creates a lightweight, instantly accessible, wearable recording device. All elements of the design are analyzed for further miniaturization and wireless communication integration. What we developed so far:



  • The camera turns on automatically when it's pivoted forward and turns off automatically when it's docked with the arm of the glasses.

  • The FaceShot has only one button and it adjusts the camera frame rate.

  • The camera pivots to record above, below, and directly in the POV.

  • 120 degree field of view camera.

  • Video records to a removable microSD card, up to 32GB.

  • Charges via micro-USB.

  • Almost 2 hours of recording per charge.

  • Microphone.

  • Water resistant.



  • No need to rig or carry a camera.

  • No buttons to press. When the camera is forward it's on, docking it turns it off.

  • Only record the moments you want and free up time usually spent editing.

  • The camera pivots to record above and below the POV without the need to purchase additional accessories.

  • No worrying about invasion of privacy concerns. Those in the vicinity can see the small camera pod in the forward position when it's recording. 

  • The FaceShot is the wearable camera that is there when it's needed and gone when it's not.

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